About Tim

Tim is from Chester in the UK and completed his PhD with Prof. Paul Beer at the University of Oxford on rotaxane and catenane molecular machines. In 2016 he was appointed a Junior Research Fellowship at Christ Church (also Oxford) working in both supramolecular and materials chemistry. During this time, Tim also worked in the lab of Prof. Colin Nuckolls at Columbia University in the US on functional electronic materials for devices.

In 2019 Tim moved to the University of Birmingham to start a Lectureship in the School of Chemistry. His current research interests span inorganic, organic and materials chemistry; specific projects are within supramolecular host–guest chemistry, organic dye molecules and molecular machines. This aims to improve our fundamental understanding of non-covalent bonding, the interactions of molecules with light and electron transfer processes. Applications include sensing of biological/medical substrates and green energy such as solar cells.

My UoB profile page is here

Funding & awards


RSC Mobility Grant
Research visit to Columbia University (US)


Research Grant
Supramolecular carbon nanomaterials, Christ Church Research Centre
Poster Prize
RSC Twitter Conference, first in Inorganic category


Research Grant
Supramolecular chemistry approaches to sensing and imaging, John Fell OUP Research Fund
Poster Prize
RSC Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Dalton Poster Symposium, London, UK
BBSRC and RSC Travel Grants
For presentation at conferences


Best Flash Presentation Prize
RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Meeting, Edinburgh, UK.
Junior Research Fellowship
Independent fellowship awarded at University of Oxford (Christ Church).
EPSRC Doctoral Prize Award
Independent postdoctoral funding.


EPSRC Doctoral Training Award
For PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK.

Contributed oral presentations


RSC Macrocyclic & Supramolecular Chemistry Early Career Meeting
Carbon nanomaterial molecular machines
Southampton, UK
RSC Photochemistry Group Meeting
Photoactive interlocked molecular machines
Birmingham, UK
RSC Dalton Young Members Event
Anion sensing molecular machines
Bath, UK
Gordon Research Seminar on Self-Assembly & Supramolecular Chemistry
Supramolecular chemistry approaches towards sensing.
Les Diablerets, Switzerland
RSC Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Dalton Poster Symposium
Anion recognition and sensing by [3]rotaxane molecular machines.
London, UK
Reaxys & SCG Organometallic and Main Group Seminar Series
Interlocked molecular hosts for anion sensing
Oxford, UK


RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Meeting
Anion recognition-induced molecular motion and sensing
Edinburgh, UK


EPSRC Halogen Bonding Mini-Symposium
Anion-induced molecular motion exhibited by halogen bonding rotaxanes
York, UK
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Graduate Symposium
Anion-induced molecular motion exhibited by multi-station rotaxanes
Oxford, UK

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