Samuel Penty

PhD student

Originally from Colombia, Sam spent most of his childhood in Spain before travelling north to study Chemistry at the University of Oxford. During his final year Sam carried out research on azobenzenes as light-switchable ion transporters under the supervision of Professor Matthew Langton and was awarded the runner-up Inorganic Chemistry departmental thesis prize. Sam joined the Barendt group in September 2020 and is now developing chiral macrocycles with applications in chiral guest sensing and chiral emission. In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing guitar and piano, hiking, cooking, maintaining this website, and writing about himself in the third person.


Angus Yeung

PhD student

Angus studied at the University of Oxford and his masters project included the total synthesis and structural reassignment of suahilamine under the supervision of Professor Stephen G. Davies. Angus joined the Barendt group in 2020 and is currently working on synthesising highly florescent chiral macrocycles with potential applications in chiral emissive materials. Angus also enjoys reading, cooking and baking.


Lucy Walker

MSci student

Lucy is a fourth year MSci chemistry student at the University of Birmingham. Having recently finished a summer internship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in Germany, she now joins the Barendt group to study how rotaxanes can be used to sense chiral anions. She is also the president of the Chemistry Society at the university. Outside of her degree Lucy enjoys: playing netball and volleyball, doing art, and playing the guitar and piano. 

Alastair Littlewood

MSci student

Alastair, originally from Sheffield, is going into his final year studying chemistry at the University of Birmingham. He is joining the Barendt and Jupp groups for his master’s project, where he will work to quantify a rare supramolecular complex known as a Frustrated Lewis pair. In his spare time Alastair often volunteers for both St John Ambulance and the Ffestiniog Railway. Alongside these, he also enjoys hiking, film photography, and good coffee.

Former group members

Edward R. Champness

Summer student

Edward is about to enter the final year of a Chemistry MSci at the University of Bristol. He is primarily interested in supramolecular organic chemistry, and its application to optically and electronically interesting systems. During his time in the Barendt group, which is being funded by an RSC Undergraduate Research Bursary, he will be attempting to impede racemisation of PDIs using supramolecular approaches.

In his free time, he enjoys watching The (US) Office, quizzing, folk rock, being disappointed by the Toronto Maple Leafs, and collecting sports cards.

Micheal Asare

MSci Student

Hi my name is Micheal Asare and I live in London, but was born in Ireland. My hobbies include learning new languages, playing the drums and travelling. The research interests I have include inorganic chemistry that can be incorporated into biological systems as it shows how the sciences can be linked together.

Joseph Schofield

MSci Student

My name’s Joe, I’m from Leicester.  I’ve found organic and supramolecular chemistry interesting throughout my time at UoB.  Outside of academics I’m a Formula 1 fan and also enjoy the occasional hike.

Joe is now doing a PhD with Professor Ross Forgan at the University of Glasgow.

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